The fastest growing and most fun happy hour in DC.
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about DC media Peeps

Who We Are

DC Media Peeps is a networking event for DC area professionals in PR, strategic communications, publishing, advertising, marketing, digital, journalism, public affairs, non-profits, grassroots, advocacy, social media, etc.


Anyone who wants to meet new people and expand their networks in Washington, DC. This is the happy hour for PR agency folks, ad reps, creative designers, lobbyists, reporters, entrepreneurs, writers, analysts, publicists, communicators, social media managers, government affairs professionals, and anyone who works at the intersection of DC media, advertising, and policy.

What happens after I join?

You will be vetted and if approved you will receive invites to happy hours about five to six times a year. You must include your title and organization to join.



Rules. Rules. Rules.


Are there sponsors?

No. Cash bar.

Who can I bring?

You must RSVP to each event. Bring a friend or colleague who works in the business. No selling insurance or real estate at this happy hour, please.

I don't understand the emails?

You're thinking too hard.



Sue Zoldak is the Founder and Hostess of DC Media Peeps. She founded Peeps in 2013 as a way to informally gather her own network. Today, it has grown to over 1,400 members and is one of the most well-known happy hours in DC for public affairs, communications, and advertising professionals. Sue believes deeply in the power of networking and is there to help you get going. If you haven't met already, introduce yourself.

Anything else I should know?

Don't forget your business cards. Hugs + smiles encouraged.

I have been coming to DC Media Peeps since the beginning and its the fastest growing and most fun networking group in DC.
— Everyone ever